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"I love Jennifer's workshops, I simply adore them!  I have taken four, and each time I come away with a unique, powerful and life-changing experience. I am learning to have more courage, to show up in an authentic way with my authentic voice unafraid.  I now know that the voice heals, and that when I open up to the experience, I triumph over the physical, emotional, and psychological issues that limit me.  Brava, Jennifer!  Keep delivering your very successful

and important work."

                                                                                                            - Shirley Moulton, Founder, The ACADEMi of Life


Bring Jennifer to your

Group, Organization, or Institution


There's nothing I love more than working with people on the physical, emotional, and technical issues

that interfere with self-expression. I'm based on the East Coast, but travel frequently

to give master classes and workshops.

Send me an email to discuss your needs and what we can create for you.


While I tailor events to each group's specific needs,

here are some of my more popular workshop and master class topics:


Personal and Professional Expression

Finding Your Voice

A private workshop dedicated to learning how to honor and express your most authentic self.  As an intimate group, we explore our current levels of physical, mental and emotional awareness, addressing and resolving limiting associations and actions that prevent us from walking openly, joyfully and powerfully into and through our lives.


Overcoming Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety is an elephant-in-the-room sized issue for anyone who spends time on any kind of a stage. Its management is the subject of a thousand books, workshops, and programs that teach you how to deal with and mitigate its effects.  Yet only a fundamental shift in the way in how performance anxiety is perceived will allow you to overcome and indeed, transcend it.

In this workshop, we will do just that.  Beginning with a conversation about the true nature of performance anxiety, we engage in a series of exercises designed to break down the barrier- finally- that exists between us and other people in all of our interactions.


Effective Public Speaking

In this workshop, we learn how to communicate with authenticity, humility, confidence and strength.  Following an exploration of and exercises dealing with performance anxiety, we move onto the practical issues relating to our communication patterns: our bodies, our intention, our energy output, and our voices.  Once we realize where we have been ineffective in these areas– or less effective than we want to be– we learn and implement powerful techniques that will enable us to communicate powerfully and effectively anytime, anywhere, and with anyone. 



Performance Expression


Large / Open Vocal Master Class

(Universities, Conservatories, Schools and Studios)

Whether you perform or choose to participate as an observer, together we'll explore a wide range of vocal, performance, and emotional issues, with particular focus on discovering and releasing the physical and mental blocks, beliefs, and habits that stand in the way of our best presentations. An accompanist will join us, though you may provide your own music or accompany yourself. As always, it will be an exciting experience of learning and sharing together as artists and friends. 


Private Vocal Master Class

A private, intensive workshop for actors and vocalists, where we go deeper into the nuance of performance conviction, commitment, and vulnerability, as well as vocal technique and emotional release in a nurturing and supportive environment of peers.



Introduction to Singing

Many of my corporate and counseling clients over the years have asked for a workshop specifically for those new to singing. In it, together we explore the basics– body, voice, mind, and spirit– in a fun, playful way.  We start with the essentials of breathing and vocalizing and then move into melody, harmony, and the confidence of delivery and self that makes the truly great singers what they are. Bring your favorite song as time permitting, we'll test out our new skills together. 



Contact me to arrange a workshop or master class.

Private sessions are also available year round

in person or over Skype or FaceTime.

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