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In addition to coaching and singing, I've enjoyed writing songs for years,  a number of which have been featured on television, in film, and on recordings by artists in a variety of genres.  My song “If You Ask Me To” was a finalist in the American Idol Songwriting Competition (available below on "My Dream") and I composed lyrics for a Musical Theater project as well as a new American Song Cycle entitled “The Journey” with Mark O’Connor

I've released three records, "My Dream", "Labor of Love" and "Sessions on 73rd", as well as a single called "Mother's Day"... all of which are available on CDBaby and iTunes.  Enjoy!


My Dream
recorded all over, over the years

© 2011
see CDBaby for credits

Digital downloads avaliable at CDBaby, iTunes, and Amazon



Mother's Day

© 2008

Digital downloads avaliable at iTunes and Amazon

To order sheet music for Mother's Day, click the tab below!  Once you've made your payment of $4.99, you'll receive a .pdf via email.




Sessions on 73rd
recorded live in New York

© 2007
jh - vocals / Peter Bliss - guitar

CD & digital downloads avaliable at CDBaby, iTunes, and Amazon




Labor of Love
recorded live in Los Angeles

© 2004-2005
jh - vocals & piano / Jim Cox - piano

Digital downloads avaliable at CDBaby, iTunes, and Amazon



   now available - click to order

for information on licensing & publishing please

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songs © jh





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